BACK IN STOCK! – The Covidiot Files (8.5″ x 11″, 28 page comic)


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As the name implies, it’s a collection of a bunch of my work from last year. At the beginning of the pandemic, I started doing a series of single-panel political cartoons called the Covidiot Files. I’d post them occasionally on Instagram, and in the fall, I compiled some of them into a small zine. Overall, they got a great reception! Lot’s of good emails and messages, and two of the cartoons won awards. Bronze and Honorable Mention in The Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles’ “Illustration West” competition. So, I decided to keep it rolling…I made some more and decided to compile them into a book. I ended up with a best-of collection, plus some unreleased comics from 2020, and a few brand-new ones that I just did this year. Unfortunately, a lot of the cartoons are still just as relevant as they were last year. The upside to that, is that it’s still funny…At least according to some of you. And it makes me laugh. Which is the whole reason I started doing it in the first place!

The book itself is 8.5” x 11” also known as magazine sized. It’s 28 interior pages are printed on 100lb Silk Text, and the cover is printed 100lb silk cover card stock. Translation. It’s on the good stuff. I spared no expense to make a nice book. I Spared no expense? That’s right. I’m the one paying the money to send it off to the printer, I’m the one shipping the books, and I’m the one adding extra shit in the packages for anyone who orders before March 5th. And any money made in the process goes right back to me, not a middle-man, a publisher, or anybody else. DYI, kids!

Grab a copy and tell your friends! And again, thank you so much for the support! I really can’t wait for you all to get your hands on this book!

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