OOH LA LA! Add the analog feel of fancy textured paper to your digital art with DERP-OH-TONE! 

Derp-OH-Tone was developed by award-winning illustrator and cartoonist, Pat Higgins. This Photoshop document recreates the process that he uses to give his digital work a warm, analog feel.

Place your artwork in the handy-dandy Derp-OH-Tone PSD file on the layer, “Your Art Here”, select one of the 18 “Derp-OH-Tone” Paper layers and change the tone using the photo filter properties.

•  High Resolution Photoshop File (8.5″ x 11″, 600DPI)
•  18 Different Paper Textures
•  Perfect for Comics, Posters or Any Other Digital Art
•  Endless Paper/Color Combinations

•  Derp-OH-Tone .psd
•  Instructions .pdf