“Energizing the Debate” – Curriculum Unit, Yale National Initiative

“Energizing the Debate” – Curriculum Unit, Yale National Initiative

This was an illustration and design project for a poster and a grab-and-go handout that will be used to explain a curriculum unit to participants of the Yale National Initiative.

The Yale National Initiative is a program at Yale University that works to establish exemplary public school teachers across the country. For the past two years, my wife, April has been one of the exceptional teachers chosen to represent Delaware public schools and the Delaware Teachers Institute by participating in YNI. This year she was working on a curriculum unit called, “Energizing The Debate”, which is based on the 2014 “Eloquence” seminar with Dr. Joe Roach. April needed a poster and a handout for her presentation and asked if I could help put something together. When I told her how much it would cost for me to design it, she threw a lamp at my head. I told her I could probably find a kid on Deviant Art that would do it cheaper and she moved my pillow from our bed to the basement.

That last part didn’t really happen. I gladly made her a poster and handout at no cost, that I think complements her unit perfectly. But it does bring up the question, “When should you work for free?”. The short answer is NEVER, except when your sweetheart wife asks really nice. I’ll probably dive into the subject of pricing, speculative work and pro-bono work in the near future…Stay tuned!