Alphabet, Baths and Cool events

Alphabet, Baths and Cool events

I’ve got a couple new projects that I’ll be releasing this week at the Oddball Art Hall at Oddity Bar in Wilmington, DE.

One of them will be a 8.5″x8.5″, 4 page sampler of my upcoming “Alphabetic Book of Curiosities”. The full 28 page book will be printed at the same size and be shipping in late October. The first 25 people to pre-order the full book will get a free copy of the limited edition sample book.

The other new items that I’ll have are Bath Bombs (those things that you drop in the bath tub that smell good, get fizzy and turn the water funny colors). My super crafty wife has been making them for herself and I suggested creating some really fun packaging and selling them. So far we have “Bride of Frankenbath” and “Frankenbath’s Monster”.

Frankenbath Mockup

I’ll also have all of these items in stock on my website ( and for the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market on November 9th.