2015 Plans and Challenges

2015 Plans and Challenges

In 2014 I saw a lot of my colleagues and art friends commit to various art challenges throughout the year. A drawing a day, 100 days of comics, 30 characters in 30 days, etc. It was all very inspiring to watch! This year I have a couple challenges and goals for myself:



1. A drawing a day for 365 days that I post to social media.
There are several positives to doing this challenge. Drawing every day will give me a chance to try out new techniques and hone my skills more, posting every day will give me both an excuse to post art more often and hold me publicly accountable (sort of) if I don’t post. I’ll also be re-using and/or finishing each of these 365 pieces to use for either my band or stock art. If you want to follow along, go to Facebook.com/pathigginsillustration, @phiggins80 on Instagram or @higginsmedia on Twitter.

2. Submit more stock art.
In late 2014 I started taking some of my work and selling it as stock art. Im still somewhat new to this, but I like the idea of repurposing art and finishing sketches as vector art to make a little extra money.


3. Be more picky about the jobs that I take.
2014 was almost perfect in this department and I’d like to keep the trend going. I’m only making work that I want to make (or it’s got to be an offer so financially ridiculous that I can’t possibly turn down). This also means more work that I LIKE in my portfolio that will lead to more jobs that I WANT.

That’s just a starter plan for 2015. There are plenty of other things that I’m planning for this year.